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Ashaway Vex Striker 100 Badminton Racket

Was: £43.00
Now: £35.99
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The Ashaway Vex Striker Range has been created to perform and it really offers great value for money in a graphithe racket.

The new Ashaway Vex Striker 100 is a mid-weight frame, giving it great power and the VS head shape gives a larger sweet spot than most rackets it competes with.

The new Ashaway Vex Striker 100 is sold pre-strung with Ashaway Zymax 69 Fire White and equipped with full racket cover.


  • Balance: 280mm (Even-Head Heavy)
  • Flex: Medium
  • Weight: 86g
  • Frame: VS Graphite 

Stringing Specifications

  • Recommended Stringing Tension: 22 to 28lbs 
  • String: Zymax 69 Fire White