Gray Nicolls Bat Repair Kit

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Gray Nicolls Bat Repair Kit

Featuring everything you need to fix your cricket bat, the Gray Nicolls' Bat-Repair Kit is a one stop repair shop. Linseed Oil is included to help you either prepare your new bat or re-treat and repair a bat that has been sanded and cleaned with the Gray-Nicolls supplied sandpaper.

Brilliant bat glue will help fix cracks in the edge and face to give your bat a new lease of life, while the extra grip is perfect if yours become worn after prolonged use. Lastly, two Protectoes are also included to keep the toe of your bat as well protected as possible.

The Bat Repair Kit includes:

  • 1 Linseed oil
  • Extratec sheet
  • Bat toe with glue
  • Sand paper
  • 1 Grip
  • 1 piece of Cloth


  • Contains Linseed oil to prepare bat
  • Featuring glue to fix your bat at home
  • Includes sandpaper to clean up your bat
  • Spare grip included
  • Sheet dimensions 15x5in