Medical First Esio Kinesiology Tape

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Esio Kinesiology tape is easy to apply. It has many therapeutic benefits including - pain relief and reduction of swelling. The tape is hypoallergenic and latex free.

Esio kinesiology tape is a specialised therapeutic tape designed to help you overcome injury and pains. It works in tune with your body to support your recovery without limiting your movement. High stretch, flexible tape conforms to your body so you can move freely. Breathable and hypo-allergenic wave adhesive help protect your skin. The tape is waterproof so you can bathe, shower, swim and take exercise whilst wearing it. Easy to cut with scissors or tear by hand making application a breeze. A unique visual indicator shows you when the tape is applied at the correct tension so you can apply it perfectly every time. Full colour instruction leaflet provided. Available in 4 Colours.