Ronhill Women's Life Agile S/S Tee


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A relaxed and breathable running T-Shirt, the Ronhill Life Agile Tee is designed to suit any activity and looks casual for running to work, wearing to the gym or going straight from a pilates session to meet friends.

This Life Agile Tee from Ronhill is a versatile option for all runners. The T-Shirt is constructed using a lightweight Vapourlite fabric that provides superior breathability and with its eco-conscious construction, you can feel confident you're doing your bit to support the environment. With sweat-wicking technology, the material works efficiently to wick moisture away from the skin, drawing it into the outer layers of the fabric where it can be evaporated with ease keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable. The highly breathable nature of the fabric allows air to fully permeate the entire construction, providing a constant supply of fresh, cool air while simultaneously forcing out hot, stale air. The super lightweight and soft fabric feels simply amazing next to the skin and flatlock seams reduce the risk of chafing as you go. The relaxed fit tapers at the waist and features a lower neckline that allows you to move unrestricted as you exercise whilst the drop down hem at the back provides extra coverage.