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Laceeze Original Bands (Pair)

Designed in the UK and made from the highest quality silicon with ribbed technology to improve grip around your shoe. Suitable for use on most surfaces except concrete.

Laceeze Bands prevent laces coming undone.

Adaptable to sports footwear.

Easy to fit to any boot/training shoe in seconds.

Only requires a single tie lace knot.

Fits all footwear from child 13 up to and including UK size 6

For best results, single knot shoelace then place your Laceeze around your boot/or trainer shoe ensuring the widest part of the band covers your lace knot. This will ensure the laces don’t come undone. After use simply remove and set aside for the next time!

Now you're ready to carry on uninterrupted!

Laceeze dirty? Just wash under the tap, they will look brand new again in seconds.

You will receive a matching pair