Gray Nicolls Gem Gen 1.1 300 English Willow Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls

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A bat designed with the female and youth cricketer in mind - the player looking for lightweight pickup with maximum power output.
The mid-blade sweet spot creates a super light pickup, combined with a slightly shorter blade and super short handle, allowing for large edges and maximised sweet spot profile to generate increased bat speeds.
In an eye-catching new aqua colour, the Gem bat is as elegant as it is destructive!
Bow: Even - Mid.
Profile: Large middle with duck bill shape into toe - creating a large hitting zone and increased bat speed.
Face: Flat face.
Pick up: Ultra lightweight pick up.
Edges: Large edge to match the spine.
Toe: Square.
Handle: Super short.
Grip: Traction - maximum grip.

  • GEM 300 finish: Extratec 
  • Weight: 2lb 05oz - 2lb 09oz 
  • Preprepared: Yes