Gray Nicolls Tempesta Gen 1.1 300 SH English Willow Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls

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A bat profile inspired by the best players in the world – Gray Nicolls'  most popular shape amongst their pro players including Babar Azam. A full profile, big edges and moderate duck bill into the toe – gives a real sense of power.
The bat features a large mid to low sweet spot but with a real focus on weight distribution to ensure the weight and pick up of this bat works for all types of player.
The stunning decals on Tempesta are rendered with metallic silvers and blues, volt green and brilliant yellow creating a contrasting multi-coloured finish that is sure to catch the eye.

Bow: Even - Low.
Profile:Large hitting area with mid to low sweet spot.
Face: Powercurve - Semi Rounded for increased profile and optimum ping.
Pick up: Lower balance point to generate power and bat speed, innovative shaping ensures outstanding pick up.
Edges: Large edges to match the spine.
Toe: Square.
Handle: Semi Oval.
Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip.