Ashaway Venom X Flash Squash Racket


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The Ashaway X Flash squash racket has an unstrung weight of 130 grams and a head heavy balance for extra with power.

This comes pre strung in a top Ashway string the Supernick ZX 1.25mm which offers excellent playability and touch off the ball.

Aero Slim Frame – The Aero Slim Frame in the New Venom X-Flash will produce 30% less drag due to the reduction in width of the slim profile frame. The overall reduction in air resistance will enhance swing speed and make this frame especially useful when killing the ball.

Zero Torsion Throat – The Zero Torsion Throat provides stability to the frame on impact with the ball. This increases accuracy and allows stability through the stroke with minimal vibrations.

Elasto Whip Zone - The Venom X-Flash has a low flex point for increased power.

X-Fiber Reinforced – Reinforced 40 Tonne Carbon Graphite is used in ‘criss-cross’ layers to give this frame extra strength and stability.