OOFOS in 140 words

OOFOS in 140 words

5th Feb 2022

OOFOS footwear makes yOO feel better. Through a combination of their own impact-reducing foam and patented foot-bed design, OOFOS footwearm delivers post-race and post-training RECOVERY that will allow your feet to recover quicker, so you can go for longer

Made with proprietary OOfoam® technology, OOFOS footwear absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear materials for the perfect blend of cushion and stability.

The use of the proprietary technology in conjunction with OOFOS patented footbed allows the shoes to cradle and support the foot’s arches for more even distribution of pressure across the sole of the foot. The combination has also

shown to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 47% when compared to traditional footwear. The APMA certificate further underlines how OOFOS footwear interacts and benefits the human body when compared to traditional footwear.