Gilbert Kaizen X 3.1 Pace 6S Rugby Boot


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Gilbert Kaizen X 3.1 Pace 6 Stud Rugby Boots Ideal for Backs and Soft Ground

Maximize speed with this lightweight boot that is part of Gilbert's Pace Collection. This rugby boot is ideal for backs playing on soft ground, who thrive on acceleration and open fields, or any loose forward looking to pressure the opposing scrum half. The super lightweight boot molds to the foot, yet feels weightless. It allows for maximum response from each step, providing thick traction with no drag and the ability to shift direction quickly. Finally, a textured upper provides ball control when kicking.

Speedplate HYB - unique stud configuration with combination of screw in studs and moulded studs, providing maximum acceleration and grip on soft ground. Pre-formed EVA Footbed - designed with a heel raise that provides optimal foot position for added power and arch support. These boots arrive with a stud tightening tool. We recommend that you tighten your studs before wearing your boots for the first time.