Gray Nicolls Power Spot 300 Senior Cricket Bat

Gray Nicolls

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Introducing the Gray-Nicolls Powerspot 300 Cricket Bat from the prestigious Originals Collection, designed to unlock your true potential on the cricket field.

This bat showcases the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, delivering exceptional performance and inspiring confidence in players of all levels.

Ignite your passion for the game with the Powerspot Cricket Bat. Its classic shape, featuring a low middle and rounded edges and face, exudes timeless elegance and combines it with contemporary performance.

The low bow ensures dynamic power, while the low sweet spot and retro shape of the profile provide an ideal balance between power and shot-making precision. The rounded face and edges offer a classic feel and optimal control, allowing you to execute shots with confidence and finesse.

Equipped with the Superlink Pro grip, this bat ensures maximum performance and exceptional grip even in challenging playing conditions. 

Unleash your potential and elevate your game with the Gray-Nicolls Powerspot Cricket Bat. Embrace the perfect balance of tradition and innovation as you embark on your cricketing journey with this remarkable bat from Gray-Nicolls' Originals Collection.


  • Bow: Low
  • Profile: Low Sweet spot, retro shape.
  • Face: Rounded face and edges.
  • Pick up: Lightweight pick up with low balance point.
  • Edges: Curved mid size edges to enhance pickup.
  • Toe: Round.
  • Handle: Semi Oval.
  • Grip: Superlink Pro - High performance maximum grip.
  • Weight: 2lb7 – 2lb12oz
  • Finish: Extratec